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Which factors determine the wear rate of large-diameter metal-on-metal hip replacements? Multivariate analysis of two hundred and seventy-six components.
[ 12 July 2013 ]

Medical management of osteonecrosis of the hip: a review
[ 12 July 2013 ]

Revision hip with structural bone grafting

This 51 year old lady had three previous revisions of her left total hip replacement. The last one had lasted 10 years when she presented to us with increasing pain and shortening of the leg. The stem was satisfactory but the socket had become loose and migrated proximally. The hip was revised using a block of allograft(donor) bone, screwed to the pelvis with impaction grafting of more morcellised bone underneath. The socket was then cemented into the new acetabular bed. (oxford score before surgery 48, after surgery 20)

Pre-operative X-ray

Post-operative X-ray

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